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Thực ra là treo cho tháng Sinh nhật Jun ><
Tháng 8 này có lẽ sẽ là tháng kì diệu nhất năm 2009
Đặt gạch tối về viết tiếp

31 July 2009 @ 08:46 pm
Hello friends,
I come back again to share something =))

Ive just received email from CDJ for new release of :

Arashi 10th anniversary commemoration limitation preservation edition Arashi no 10 nen [Limited Release]

Right after that I placed 5 items, and 5 other one are now processed by my friend =)) =)) Itis...................amazinggggggggggg
When I came back to the main page,just 1 hour after I received the email,  the items has just out of print already =)) =)) It's unbelievableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
:)):)):))::)) I am sure that all fangirl receive that email are crazy for it as me :)) :)) :))
I ve bankrupt already =)) =)) =)) Should I rob the bank or something?
Everytime of new release, we are like that. Even we know that shipping fee is so sooooooo high,  even we do understand that we would run out of out pocket very soon, but........ so what??????/:)):):)) How depressed we would be if not so :)) :)) It is VERY exciting ne, my loves :X::XX:X:
Love you all, keep moving on for our beloved Arashi


Once I post my comment in nhbsakakuke, I found that there are some people missing out of 
LE version.
I do understand how you feel for it. All the best is a very precious gift for Arashi's fan. You cant miss it.  But I am afraid that I do not have enough "extra" to share you all now. Very sorry about that.

In fact, Arashi's fan in my place group together to book for all Arashi's stuff as soon as information released. So we can save up for shipping fee,And to avoid the risk of out of print, as well as to keep chance for the one makes late decision, we normally place surplus items. One or two people are responsible to book, and I am the one. But this time, even surplus items run out so quick, there is only one left in my cart now. I will check if my friend has other some. 

Once time I missed of Arashi's stuff,  I did experience the feeling. I hunted down like crazy but nothing changed. I did contact some re-seller but I found ridiculous ones. They tried to push up the price twice, or three time and insisted themselves as Arashi's fan. It was unbelievable ne. So that why I dont want any of you to rush in such kind of situation as me.

We look for Arashi stuff from everywhere, online purchase sites, online sellers, until we run out of pocket :)). We are not as lucky as fan in Japan, or Korea, and other countries where they can get JE's stuff directly, but if we get together, I do believe that we can do something amazing :D.  That would be a very good way to bring Arashi everywhere ne. I hope you can join us, and the ones from Japan, Korea, such kind of place would be big help.

Just want to share you our idea. (*________*)
20 July 2009 @ 10:08 pm

My life would come empty if I found you nowhere but I'll get mad whenever I see u "somewhere" for sure
But, again, at the same time, I feel hurt deep inside me many times. I hate myself for losing my reason, I hate my heart for keeping its own way.
The more I get hurt, the more I want to go back as I did before, even sometimes I would be all alone and weak but safe and nothing could scare me.
How long and hard I have to go till the day I get you at the end of the path.
Dou shitara ii desu ka?
Am I lost?????
30 June 2009 @ 10:42 pm

This is taken from Pb by Shin's Docomo ;))

P906i, 5.2 mpx

Luv Jisa :)) :)) :)) ;))

30 June 2009 @ 07:54 pm

"Hello from Vietnam

This is shinjiteru from Aibakaland. I once leave a comment here but got reject.It made me feel terrible by that time because I follow Stormy team for long time.Wondering whether u have any idea about that ><Everything went crazy by dirty flies from nowhere.However, I keep my moving, I come back with the hope of your acceptance.
One and only, there is no way I go against you, Stormy.I follow you right after you formulated in 2006, but It is my bad for not interact for long time. Sorry about that. Now I dont keep myself out any more, I want to accompany with you as I do with Arashi for more than 5 years until now.The point is not getting download link itself, for me Stormy as my family members in the same Arashi's home. We are all the 6th member of Arashi.So that why when I receive you reject, I feel lost like I lose my own home. It took me some time to keep balance from the fact. I got encouragement from a lot of other Arashi's fan in Aibakaland to return. This is all thanks to them,It made me strong.And I believe in stormy to welcome the real one.
There would be so much that I dont know how to start what makes Arashi Arashi. With radiant slime and deep eyesight, Jun came to my world, and without a signal, Arashi drove me crazy.What makes Arashi Arashi, I wonder myself. maybe because of simply being Arashi, Arashi is Arashi or I make Arashi myself, I dont know.And I dont want to understand or explain it in detail.It might be a very simple question, but it is really hard for me to answer in full.It might take me the whole life to understand or even never..."

God bless me ><

29 June 2009 @ 09:56 pm

Smiling so radiantly, from nowhere you enter my world and melt my hear. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), it all happened in an instant. So fast that I never had a chance to wonder why. And you, with insanely radiant smile of your, started to driving me crazy...
No starting point, I cant stop myself  looking for you eyesight, your voice everywhere. I insanely run for you no matter what. I dont care how other calls it love or just my illusion or whatever. It would be good if they know but I am ok even if they don't. In my dream you are mine, but in my real life you are a dream. It might never change, then so what, I dont care.
I dont want to understand or explain my feeling, just let it be. Sometime you might ask yourself about your existence, but you would never know how many times your existence encourage me, strengthen me. I am happy because I am alive, so I have you in my wolrd....

25 June 2009 @ 10:28 am

Official date of 10th anniversary tour of ARASHI
 August/28, 29 and 30  Kokuritsu Kyougijyou  
 September/18 and 19   Fukuoka Yahoo Dome
 September/25, 26 and 27   Kyocera Dome
 November/14 and 15   Sapporo Dome
 December/4, 5 and 6.   Tokyo Dome

 January/16 and 17   Nagoya Dome

Credits: arashilatino vox and a_ra_shi :X::X

Already place pre oder for All the best 1999-2009

09 June 2009 @ 10:53 pm
Haizzzzzzzz, I knew this site for a long time but it seem to be not convenient for me in comparison with the others as myspace, facebook, myopera. However, these days, Stormy teamsub, Jaken teamsub and other popular paties related to my beloved Arashi all intend to move here. And it seems that I'll get all decline when I send them my request to joint in community if I live my own site here blank. So poor me :(( :(( I just wannt to show them how I appreciate them and get them be aware of my willingness to support. Oh man, life is always complicated.

Anyway, Keep moving. Today, I am so excited, I am so happy because of people I know in Aibakaland site. They are all so lovely, friendly, and kindly. So that may be the reason why I make my first step in this site. I'll try to get used to it.
Shinjitemasu and ganbarimasu
SO my friend, pls give me your hand

Current Mood: sad